HRPWD Project shall improve data and statistics on plastic waste by implementing two work packages:

  • WORK PACKAGE WP 1 - Project management and coordination and
  • WORK PACKAGE WP 2 - Gap analysis, methodology, surveys, reporting


Project activities include:

  • Analysis of available data - comparison of the existing and required data sets according to the three directives, taking into account EU guidances and implementing acts
  • Preparation of methodology and recommendations for the collection of data on certain plastic products and plastic waste. Selected data should be identified for priority data collection/surveys.

This could include information on the composition and quantities of different plastic materials (HDPE, LDPE, PE, PET and other), data on re-use of certain plastic products, losses in the recycling process.

In the process, new EU rules and guidelines for calculating recycling are taken into account. The project activities should contribute to the establishment of a new system for monitoring the implementation of the SUP Directive.

Method for estimation of consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags on national level should be proposed. Methodology for calculating SUP items placed on the market should also be proposed for national level.

  • Data collection - apart from already available sources and databases, data collection is carried out by satistical surveys or other recommended methods, followed or supported by data analysis. Special attention is given to some SUP topics for which there is no administrative data, such as fishing gear or marine litter.
  • Development of electronic tools for data collection and analysis – production of new datasets should be supported by development of adequate electronic solutions - forms or application (new or upgraded existing application) for data collection ot processing, to be used during or after the project implementation period.
  • Preparation of results – report, brochure, maps to be published and available to the public on the website. Reports should include recommendations to further improvement of data collection system on plastic and plastic waste, such as possible proposals for modifications of the (national) List of waste in order to introduce additional waste codes for certain SUP items etc.

HRPWD Project should support the ongoing process of transposing SUP Directive, amended Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste and amended Waste Framework Directive, by providing support for legislative act formulation or guidances at national level.

HRPWD Project is implemented by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (MESD). Institute for Environment and Nature of the MESD is responsible for collecting and integrating waste data, as well as for running and maintaining of the Waste Information System. Project results are mainly to be used by the MESD in order to evaluate the present situation and formulate adequate measures in strategic documents and legislation acts.

Within the project, cooperation is achieved with owners of data on certain plastic products placed on the market, waste management collectors and waste treatment companies who participate in the plastic waste management system, expert institutions and other stakeholders.