MESD Institute has developed and maintains the Waste Prevention Portal. Portal contains general information on the topic of waste prevention, prescribed measures, as well as information on implemented projects and activities. Information can be found on:

Local self-government units and the City of Zagreb are obligated to submit annual report on the implementation of educational and information activities and projects on municipal waste prevention and management. For this purpose, an Application for local self-government units has been developed for collection of information on projects and activities related to waste prevention.  

Examples of projects and activities that focus on plastic waste:

  • Križevci (2022), Play for children - Plavi planet, activity
  • Dubrovnik (2021), International day against plastic bags, project
  • Krapina (2021), OPKK, Objective: decreasing landfilling of waste, project
  • Orahovica (2021), Public forum- plastic waste management, project
  • Trogir (2021), Plastic Smart Cities Croatia, project
  • Zdenci (2021), Education of residents - yellow bin for plastic, project
  • Velika Gorica (2020), Play for children - Alarm in the plastic empire, activity
  • Gradac, Ploče (2019), Plastic bag, activity
  • Tkon (2019), #sayNOtoplastic, project