Methodology and selection of priority data; Electronic forms/application; Surveys implementation; Data analysis, calculation and recommendations

Activity 2.2-2.5, Milestones MS5, MS6, MS7, MS8 (deadline 1/2023)

Description: Data used to fulfill reporting obligations set in three directives which are of interest to the HRPWD project, could be based on administrative data, data provided by „producer responsibility scheme”, surveys, statistical data on production, import, export, waste composition analysis, estimations, literature sources etc.

Administrative data are collected on the basis of legislative act obligations, and are often available in electronic registers such as Environmental Pollution Register (ROO), operated by Institute for Environment and Nature MESD. Data provided by „producer responsibility scheme” is collected by Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. Potential datasources are described in more detail in Report on Plastic Waste 

Selection of data for priority collection/surveys under the HRPWD Project was done. Special attention was given to (SUP) products or waste for which there is lack of adminstrative data, such as fishing gear or marine litter.

Adequate electronic solutions (online questionnaires) for data collection, processing or presentation were developed. Data collection was followed by data analysis, calculation as well as preparation of recommendations for further improvement of data collection system on plastic waste.

Reports on surveys on:

Waste management information system and additional data collection was used for the preparation of document: