About project results

Project results shall contribute to improved quality of data and reports sent to EC and Eurostat. Also, project results are used in the process of transposing certain provisions of the three directives which are of interest to HRPWD Project.

Project results include:

  • Information on kick-off meeting  
  • Analysis of current data and data required by three directives (Gap Analysis Report
  • Data sources, new datasets and calculations, methods of data collection, identified and presented in methodlological guidances 
  • Selected priority data for collection 
  • Development of electronic solutions (online questionnaires) for collection, processing or presentation of data
  • Reports on surveys conducted, on: fishing gear containing plastic; recyclers and recycling of plastic waste; clean-up activities on public areas 
  • Data analysis, calculations, recommendations for data quality improvement and harmonization with new EU provisions
  • Plastic waste recovery facilities - Fact sheets
  • Report on Plastic Waste – report on sources, types and quantities of plastic waste generated and managed. Accompanying documents and maps:
    • Report on marine litter and waste fishing gear in the context of the SUP Directive 
    • Report on the improvement of data on plastic packaging put on market  
    • Maps: Plastic marine litter and waste fishing gear; Plastic Waste Recyclers; Separate collection of plastic waste in municipalities; Fishing landing sites, plastic waste bins
  • Electronic brochure on plastic waste and plastic waste prevention
  • Final Report (technical, finantial) – administrative result